Getting Command Line Access

The ASUS supplied administration website is all very well, but for complete control you need to access the router's internals via a command prompt running inside the router. The most secure/powerful way is using the SSH protocol, but you have to start with insecure "telnet" as that's all ASUS ship with by default. This involves both a server on the router, and a small client program on your PC.

Enable the Telnet Server on the ASUS router

Get a Telnet client on your PC

A command line client is installed by default on Windows XP or earlier, and most Linux distributions. It is not installed by default on Windows Vista or later:

Telnet'ing to the ASUS router

To use a command line client, enter the following command at a prompt on your PC:


If using PuTTY, start it and enter into the "Host Name" box at the top of the profile config window,
and switch the Connection Type to "Telnet". You may want to save this as a named profile for future use (type a name in the "Saved Sessions" box mid way down & hit the "Save" button).

Either way, you will need to log in with your administrator username and password - the one you normally use to log into the admin website (i.e. probably user "admin").

Congratulations, you now have access to the router internals!

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